IT 011 Ltd currently provides the entire spectrum of IT and telecommunications services, aimed at establishing and improving the IT and telecommunications infrastructure. Technological expertise, extensive knowledge and many years of experience guarantee a reliable and quality service.

In addition to maintaining the network using your existing IT infrastructure, IT011 Ltd employees can assist through consultation, as well as implementing the latest generation of technology - in your business environment. From small companies to large companies, IT011 Ltd has the knowledge and experience to assist you in making your business progress with the help of new technologies.

We can provide reliable service, regardless of whether you need to complete the project, implementation of new equipment or products, emergency assistance, one-time service, maintenance on a monthly or weekly basis, or simply help in configuring workstations.

  • Designing, implementation and maintenance of computer and telecommunications networks
  • Designing and development, implementation and maintenance of all types of computer and Internet-oriented applications

In case you have in your company or organization you one or more employees in charge of Information Technology, IT011 can help by supplementing their work and expertise. By taking over routine duties, tasks that consume too much time or simply through consultation, we can help your employees to have more time and focus on daily tasks.

If you are in doubt as to what extent, you need Information Technologies, their reliable implementation and maintenance, see 5 Reasons to trust.

5 reasons to trust

A large number of enterprises and companies decide the reliability of its infrastructure based on information technologies. Unfortunately, there are cases where the companies attitude that investment in information technologies is too high, they still cause significant degradation of the reliability of the entire infrastructure.

Through these five reasons you can clearly see why a company or organization is essential reliable use of information technologies and a stable infrastructure. In the same way you can clearly see that the investment in information technologies are significantly lower than the consequences that may arise due to the potential problem of unstable and unreliable infrastructure, based on information technologies.

  1. Cost of repair

    What are the costs if one computer in your environment stops working? What are costs if its the server computer that is necessary for critical business processes? Can you risk that cost should it cause a complete drop in the information infrastructure?

  2. Lost time

    The price of your employees does not change unless they can’t perform their duties due to infrastructure problems. How much time is lost due to the servicing of one or more computers? What if this time increases exponentially due to the larger problem in the infrastructure?

  3. Data Integrity

    Is it possible to determine the price of your business data and how much it would cost you if it was damaged or destroyed? What is the cost if part of the data is impossible to recover?

  4. Loss of intellectual property

    Can you determine the cost of your intellectual property if it were stolen, destroyed or damaged easily? What is the cost of the time it would take to make up for losses to your property and to return to regular operations?

  5. Threat to reputation

    What are the consequences to your business if you lose the trust of your customers? What harm can your business or company undergo if dissatisfied customers choose to seek a settlement through the courts?


Whether you already have an information system or just planning to introduce a new one, the fact is that technology now is rapidly changing and progressing, but the vast majority of enterprises and companies are not keeping pace.

IT011 Ltd can provide the necessary assistance in the planning and design of information and telecommunication systems that will serve you and your employees, and enable your company to keep pace with technological advances, and thus promote your business and streamline business processes.

Engineers at IT011 Ltd., can assist you in every aspect of information technology, and their knowledge and experience can help you before any investment in your information system is made, achieve optimal design solutions that will meet all the needs of your business, improving it, without unnecessary investment in equipment or systems that will cause more problems than provide solutions.

A large number of clients have already relied on IT011 Solutions Ltd., and confided in us the confidence to upgrade their operations with projects in the areas of:

  • Computer and telecommunication networks
  • Desktop and distributed application solutions
  • Internet presentations and applications
  • Complete information systems


Implementation primarily involves commissioning new production, or modifying pieces of an information system, or the entire information systems to meet your needs, requirements and project plan.

IT 011 Ltd can help you through the implementation of all types and segments of information systems, including networks, or parts thereof, or entire segments of the telecommunication switchboards, applications and supporting databases, and Internet applications and presentations.

Many years of experience we have gained in working with clients in nearly every industry sector, allows us to process the implementation of IT and telecommunications solutions perform quickly and monitoring project plans and at the same time being attentive to the demands and needs of the client.

Given the high probability occurrence of potential problems during the implementation process, technological expertise and knowledge of our employees, enables IT 011 Ltd. to offer their services with confidence and determination, where the client and its business comes first.

What makes IT 011 Ltd. stand out from other similar companies is the knowledge of technology and many years of experience in implementation:

  • Network of active and passive equipment of all types and complexity
  • Telecommunication systems of the older generation (analog) and telecommunications solutions to the last generation (digital)
  • Application solutions based on client, server or combined client and server
  • Internet presentation of the latest generation of complex applications


After the implementation of networks, applications, Internet presentations or complete information systems, to each company or organization it is essential that the level of potential problems are reduced to a minimum, and to ensure uninterrupted operations and use of all employees.

IT 011 Ltd can help by providing maintenance services, for which the complete care of your information system or its parts maintained by our employees and staff’s expertise to carry out prevention, and the elimination of any potential problems.

Using our services, your employees are free to perform their duties without concern about the information sector and the problems that can arise within it, while your business or company has a flexible maintenance and support system that adapts to your needs and requirements.

Of maintenance services, we can distinguish those for which are the most common needs:

  • Technical support from remote locations or in your business area
  • Diagnostics, and ensuring network optimization and removal of all network problems
  • Diagnostics, and optimization of securing workstations and servers
  • Regular hardware servicing and maintenance of workstations and servers
  • Regular updating of applications and Internet presentations
  • Regular backup of data on your premise or remote location

The work process

IT 011 Ltd has many years of knowledge and experience in all areas of information technology, gained through working with many enterprises and companies of various sizes and business requirements.

With the help of experience, expertise and research related to Information Technology we have developed a working process that applies to any project in which we participate.

This practice is based on the understanding that the most effective solutions are primarily to help the client to improve and promote the business, not an additional burden on business processes and the amount of work commitments.

The latest solutions that appear every day in the global offering, do not necessarily represent the best solutions for the client because of the changes in business processes that require such solutions.

IT 011 Ltd. makes every effort not become a potential solution to an obstacle, but the project itself, implementation and maintenance of the infrastructure provided in advance with the client business processes based on realistic projections.

By the same token, it may be that the client comes into a position that needs to modernize, that is, to implement information technologies that have become mandatory in today's market. Whether IT011 Ltd recommends "spring cleaning" or implement "step by step", to complete modernization, we do so with awareness of the challenges that every business faces.