Technical support, which includes prevention and resolution, as frequent as those rarer - more complex, issues that arise during the use of new technology can be very expensive and a difficult undertaking for many organizations and companies.

Finding a professional staff, further training, and maintenance of such a team is a long-term challenge for every organization, and as the inevitable consequences of a large investment, lack of efficiency and at the end a very small return on investment of resources.

Regardless of whether you work at SOHO principle, you have company or a company with multiple offices, if you already have your own technical support and want to upgrade or do not have any technical resources, IT 011 Ltd can offer a range of services related to technical support with their long experience and technological expertise.

  • Remote Support

    Technical support from remote locations primarily includes support through remote administration of servers and workstations (or VPNom classical approach), and in addition, phone support and e-mail.

  • Support for client

    Technical support for the principle of one-time arrivals under the contract, if necessary, or in case of emergency may at some options include support outside office hours, or even the entire spectrum of 24x7x365.

  • Permanent support

    Technical support costs where flat rate can be adapted to smaller companies and larger companies, including regular arrival in your room, remote support, as well as phone support and e-mail.

In addition to the support, our staff will be happy to meet and assist through the recommendations and the implementation of new technology in your business environment.

Remote Support

Although most of our clients with commercial space located in Belgrade, IT011 Ltd offers remote support for customers located in other locations, or simply have more branches. Support with remote connectivity is predominant for remote locations, although effectively applied in other support options.

Remote connection to your information system allows us to offer support without being physically present in your premises. Not only is this a convenient form of support because of the possibility of intervention but faster and cheaper to avoid the costs of the personnel on the ground, and does not prevent your employees from working during working hours.

Remote support means that your business premises connected to the Internet, then our employees are able to implement remote access via wired or VPN, which will be able to assist you in almost the full range of potential problems as well, to make it faster, more efficient and cheaper.

Support for client

When you need support that is due to the nature of things cannot be provided by phone or E-Mail, our staff will be happy to meet you at your premises and resolve the problems on the spot. Whether it's a problem with the network and network equipment, servers, workstations, critical applications, or other segment of information technology.

IT011 Ltd. ensures that our staff has the necessary knowledge and experience in working with a wide range of technologies to be able to more effectively carry out prevention and eliminate potential problems. In addition to certification and training in specific technologies, our staff is familiar with all current technological standards and critical technologies, and so you can support independent of your IT infrastructure.

Critical problems in cases where the causes can not repair the immediate intervention by our staff that provides support, available to you we can put our top engineers and consultants who deal with other aspects of information technology within the IT011 company. In this way, regardless of the complexity and criticality, IT011, Ltd. has an appropriate way to solve every problem.

Ongoing support

IT 011 Ltd understands that the long downtime of critical points in the information system as vital parts of the network, servers, or business-oriented applications, in business can have disastrous consequences for the functioning of the entire company.

Most of the potential problems that a company or companies may face during the day does not require immediate response, as the case of the critical problems or airborne equipment. However, in case of network problems, a server that is used by all employees, or critical business applications, enterprise or company in need of help - as soon as the information technology, more than anywhere else - time is money.

While most of companies engaged in information technology is only available five days a week, often too expensive, too slow in solving critical problems, or simply does not have sufficient knowledge and experience to meet the needs of the client, IT011 Ltd has the ability to solve your problems either When, the maximum efficiency and in accordance with your needs.