About Us

IT 011 Ltd. is engaged in providing IT and telecommunication services and selling, servicing and distributing all kinds of computer and telecommunications equipment.

IT011 Ltd provides: the design, implementation and maintenance of computer and telecommunications networks, design and development, implementation and maintenance of all types of computer and Internet-oriented applications, as well as all types of consultations related to IT and telecommunications services.

No matter whether you are a small business or large enterprise, IT011 Ltd. will provide, expertise, broad knowledge and extensive experience in the work, guaranteeing a reliable and quality service to each of its client.

Our Modus Operandi:

  • Accept change, encourage innovation and to face the challenges,
  • Find adequate solutions to current problems, with long-term solutions and reliable support,
  • Implement effective control and management,
  • Improve their own quality and competence of achieving strategic partnerships with industry leaders,
  • Always find a way to achieve the vision.

Company profile

IT011 Ltd. was established on 14 December 2004, with headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia as a company for computer engineering - a single-member limited liability company.

The primary area of work is to provide IT and telecommunications services to customers. Additional fieldwork is selling, servicing and distributing all kinds of computer and telecommunications equipment, as well as the design, development, implementation and maintenance of all types of Internet and desktop-oriented applications. IT011 is engaged in providing consultancy, technical support, system integration, as well as selling and implementing their own technical and technological solutions, such as digital telephone exchanges and information systems.

IT 011 now has experts from nearly all the information and telecommunication fields, organized into two business areas. Headquarters Company is located in the Belgrade municipality of Zemun, while the second area is located in New Belgrade, in an exclusive business park - Airport City Belgrade. Number of employees in the IT011 is on the rise because of the companies resolve to provide all its clients with quality and reliable service, and because of the simple needs of expanding capacity - caused by the constant increase in the number and range of services to clients.

In a very short period of time IT011 has built a reliable strategic partner status with many clients, both domestic and foreign. By constantly expanding the range of services and improving the company's IT infrastructure, IT 011 continues to meet the needs of the most demanding clients, among which are several multinationals. Successful cooperation was established with companies such as Procter & Gamble, DuPont, Unilever, Renault-Nissan, Intel, Beiersdorf AG, a company known as the local public has been successfully cooperating with the Airport City Belgrade, Blic Press, EUnet, Tradeunique, Grand Prom. The list of clients with whom IT 011 cooperates with does not end there, but every day is still growing.

What makes IT011 Ltd stand out from other firms is technological expertise, friendly relationship with customers and reliable support. IT 011 Ltd is set to its customers as a strategic partner, not just another job in the series.

The mission of the company

IT 011 Ltd is dedicated to improving their own and to become the most complete and most competent IT resource for companies that need accurate, specialized and highly trained assistance in the field of information technology.

Strategic implementation of the most appropriate practices and services to our services, we want to ensure reliable quality and successful cooperation with clients. Our unique approach to IT solutions fully tailored to client requirements, when necessary to achieve the improvement of existing or implementation of a completely new infrastructure, using information technology.

Our business practice is the essence of our commitment to:

  • Our clients, and successful cooperation,
  • Our colleagues and their professionalism improvement,
  • Our partners and their commitment to mutual success,
  • Our society and the constant need for reliable, adaptive and innovative solutions.


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